6 Signs You Need Tire Repairs Today

There is never a good time to let your tire maintenance lapse. Proper tire care ensures safety on the road at all times. Maintained tires allow for better grip, better maneuverability, efficient braking, and more. Without well cared for tires, you’re at risk for skidding, sliding, popped tires at high speeds, and more. These incidents can lead to severe accidents that can put you and your vehicle at risk.

If you’re not sure how to tell your tires need tire service, check out our 6 easy signs you need tire services. We help even the most clueless drivers inspect their tires for regular maintenance and feel confident behind the wheel. You don’t need automotive repair experience, just a little assistance from your trusted mechanics.

Avoid the accident and get tire repair services when you need them. 

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6 Common Signs of Tire Failure

1. Uneven Tread Wear

Uneven tread wear is a telltale sign that your tires require immediate attention. Uneven tread is when tread is uneven across the same tire but more commonly differs across all tires. Your tread should be wearing at an even pace.

When you spot uneven tread, this can indicate a misalignment of your tires, suspension problems, or even underinflation of your tires. All of these can lead to sudden accidents without warning.

Regularly inspecting your tire tread for irregular patterns can help you identify potential issues early on. Once a week, glance at your tires to see if the tread is wearing unevenly – you can do this by using a penny to measure where the tread falls and see if it’s even across all your tires. If not, call for tire repair services to see what the problem is. 

2. Tire Bulges or Blisters

Bulges or blisters on your tires are not a common or normal thing. If you spot tire bulges, this means there is internal damage to your tire.

Internal tire damage happens from potholes, curbs, or hitting other roadside hazards. These can be small and repetitive instances or even once that you barely noticed. However, interior damage is to be taken seriously, even if the incident didn’t seem bad at the time.

The most common accident from tire blisters is tire blowouts. Get to a tire repair center ASAP if you spot tire bulges or blisters to avoid accidents. 

3. Persistent Vehicle Vibrations

Experiencing persistent vibrations while driving? This may signal an underlying tire issue.

Vehicle vibrations can have a lot of causes and most of them relate to tire issues. It could be you have imbalanced tires, misaligned wheels, or even suspension issues. Identifying these issues quickly is critical to staying safe on the road.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy at-home way to diagnose the cause of your vehicle vibrations. We recommend visiting your local tire repair center or auto shop and requesting a tune-up for your vehicle. Let them know about the vibrations and they can diagnose your issue quickly and provide recommended repairs to prevent accidents. 

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4. Excessive Road Noise

Unusual and excessive road noise while driving can indicate tire problems for your vehicle. If the windows are up and the radio is on and you’re still battling the sound of the road, you may be in need of tire repairs ASAP.

You can look for irregular tread wear or exterior signs of issues with your tire’s construction. Both of these can be the cause of your road noise vibrating through your vehicle. Paying attention to these auditory cues can help you address the problem promptly, ensuring a quieter and more pleasant driving experience that is safer for you and your passengers. 

5. Low Tread

Maintaining tread depth is crucial for optimal tire performance, especially in bad weather conditions. Insufficient tread depth can compromise traction, increasing the risk of accidents. This is more likely to happen during rain, snow, or icy conditions. Even Summer and Spring weather can put you at risk due to dew, summer storms, or spring showers. Managing tire tread is not just for winter months.

Regularly measuring tread depth and replacing tires when necessary is a proactive approach to road safety. Use the penny trick to monitor your tread and consult with your local tire repair center if you fear you need tire replacements due to low tread. 

6. Frequent Tire Pressure Loss

Consistently losing tire pressure without an apparent cause is a sign that your tires demand immediate attention. You’ll know you’re losing tire pressure by the alert system through your car’s dashboard. Regularly monitoring your tires is always a good idea, as you never want to start the car on a flat tire.

Frequent tire pressure loss can result from punctures, faulty valves, or bead leaks. With local construction or other roadside hazards, tire punctures can happen without notice and can worsen over time.

Regularly checking and maintaining proper tire pressure is a simple yet effective way to prevent unexpected breakdowns. Look at your tires before you drive for any sign of a flat and always pay attention to dashboard warning lights.  

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Scheduling Tire Repair Services is Simple and Easy

Staying aware of the condition of your tires is essential for safe and smooth driving in any weather or road conditions. Recognizing these 6 signs of tire failure and taking proactive measures can significantly reduce your risk of accidents, breakdowns, and costly repairs.

To get assistance with your tires, contact Lisbon Auto today for tire repair services. Our tire shop is happy to help consult on any vehicle you’ve been experiencing to get you back on the road safely.