Expert Electrical Systems Repair in Lisbon, Maryland

Electrical Systems Repair

Today, the computers inside vehicles control the majority of operating systems. With computers making vehicles smarter, there are greater potentials for electrical components and/or motors to malfunction. Electrical systems repair is very common today with vehicles accessories being controlled electronically by motors and valves instead of mechanical parts like knobs and cranks.

Electrical problem? Let us take a look

At Lisbon Auto Repair Center, we have the latest diagnostic equipment, technology, software, and experience. All of this, aids us in solving and repairing any of your vehicle’s electrical issues. If you are experiencing any drivability problems with your vehicle, it may be an electrical issue. Stop in at our auto repair shop in Lisbon, Maryland and we will find the problem.

We specialize in Electrical systems repair

We specialize in all aspects of vehicle electrical repair, including: alternator, battery, lighting, wiring, shorts, electric motors, electric actuators, and other inoperative components. If you notice your vehicle’s electrical system is not operating correctly or you see any warning lights on in your vehicle, then we encourage you to bring it to Lisbon Auto Repair Center.

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Electrical Systems Repair


  • Slow cranking condition
  • Vehicle stalled will not crank
  • No crank condition
  • Clicks when trying to start
  • Check charge system light is on
  • Battery light is on

System Test Includes:

  • Inspect battery and battery cables for corrosion
  • Test for electrical draw
  • Load test battery confirm that battery is good
  • Slow charge battery if needed to run test
  • Test alternator charging output
  • Starter draw test confirm correct voltage and amps
  • Document test results
  • Estimate of needed repairs

Auto Repair Services at Lisbon Auto Repair Center in Lisbon, Maryland

Engine Repair
Transmission Repair
• Electrical Systems Repair
Alignment and Suspension
Exhaust System Repair
Fuel System Repair
Heating & A/C Repair
Axle & Drive Shaft Repair
• Rotor replacement
• Battery replacement
• Induction system cleaning

• Four-wheel alignment
Clutch repair
• Radiator repair
• Radiator replacement
• Differential repair
Diesel vehicle service
• Diesel vehicle repair
• Fuel Motorvac service
Tire Service
• Brake Service
• Lubricant and Fluid Service
• Maryland State Inspection

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