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At Lisbon Auto Repair Center, we offer a few resources to help out our customers. You can learn about our company in the “About Us” section. In the “Schedule An Appointment” section you can set up an appointment to come in and have us take a look at your vehicle. In the “My Vehicle” section you can save and update your vehicles information in a few simple steps.

Helpful resources

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Auto Repair Services at Lisbon Auto Repair Center in Lisbon, Maryland

• Engine Repair
• Transmission Repair
• Electrical Systems Repair
• Alignment and Suspension
• Exhaust System Repair
• Fuel System Repair
• Heating & A/C Repair
• Axle & Drive Shaft Repair
• Rotor replacement
• Battery replacement
• Induction system cleaning

• Four-wheel alignment
• Clutch repair
• Radiator repair
• Radiator replacement
• Differential repair
• Diesel vehicle service
• Diesel vehicle repair
• Fuel Motorvac service
• Tire Service
• Brake Service
• Lubricant and Fluid Service
• Maryland State Inspection

Lisbon Auto Repair

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