7 Dangers of Truck & Car Frame Rust (And What It Costs)

A rusted car or truck frame is something no vehicle owner wants to deal with. Rusted frames on cars and trucks can lead to dangerous accidents on the road. This can cause a vehicle to be totaled, injuries to be sustained, and expensive repairs or replacements of the vehicle.

Frame rust repairs, unlike auto body frame rust, are easy to miss since it is on the underside of cars and in the wheel wells. Without annual car inspections, it can be almost impossible to find frame rust until there are other, worse signs.

Our Maryland mechanics cover 7 dangers of hidden frame rust and why you need frame rust repairs for your car or truck. We highlight what causes the damage, what the damage can do to your vehicle’s safety, and how much frame rust repairs cost for most vehicles. Learn how to prevent frame rust with several easy steps and get affordable frame rust repairs near you.

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7 Hidden Dangers of a Rusted Car Frame

Rusted Car Frames May Snap in an Accident

Unlike auto body rust, frame rust compromises the entire safety and structure of your vehicle. The rust on a car or truck frame is often unnoticed, slowly eroding away at the metals that hold the vehicle together. While this may appear the same as always, just rusted, it can actually go much deeper than surface level.

When in an auto accident, a rusted car frame can snap, since the metal holding it together has been eroded. This can lead to dangerous circumstances that can result in deadly injuries. Your frame helps hold the car together – don’t let it go unnoticed.

Rusted Car Frames May Sag During Normal Driving Conditions

Even if you’re not in an accident, rusted car frames can snap or sag during normal driving conditions. Because a rusted car frame loses its structural integrity, this puts it at risk for damage during normal driving conditions.

If you hit a pothole, knick a curve, or encounter rumble strips on a roadway under construction, this can be enough of a jostle to the compromised frame for it to sag or snap. Without rusted frame repairs, your vehicle’s safety level is dramatically lowered and puts all passengers at risk during normal road trips and commutes.

Rust Exposure Can Damage the Engine

A rusted car frame doesn’t only compromise the framework of your vehicle. A rusted frame can indicate rust in more places under your vehicle. When rust works its way up the frame and the underside of the car, it can reach the engine. A rusted engine, or engine components, can lead to big repairs and dangerous breakdowns.

total engine replacement or rebuild can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. Avoid the unexpected costs and ensure your car frame is free of rust and other damages.

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Electrical Components May Be Unprotected

If rust has worked its way to your engine, this means it has eroded away the protective framework that keeps electrical components away from the elements. When your electrical systems are exposed to rain, snow, salt, and other moisture, this can have dangerous consequences.

For both newer cars and older vehicles, when the electric of your car is damaged, you can lose access to multiple safety features. This can affect power steering, the battery, lights, and more. Plus, electrical repairs for cars and trucks can be up to $1500 or more for an entire vehicle rewire.

If your frame is rusted, more could be damaged than just the metal – get an inspection today for frame rust repairs and get ahead of the problem.

Leaks, Drips, and Other Vehicle Concerns

Just like your electrical components being damaged, a rusted frame that works itself deeper under the vehicle can also damage pipes, wires, lines, and more. This can lead to oil leaks, coolant drips, missing power steering fluid, and more.

If you notice spots of oil or other liquids staining the driveway under your car, consider the possibility of vehicle frame rust that has worked its way through your car. Schedule a vehicle inspection to prevent unexpected breakdowns or accidents.

Risking Damage to Tires and Wheels

Most frame rust for trucks and cars is hidden and more often than not it is in the wheel wells. When the frame around your wheels and tires rust, this can compromise the safety of your vehicle. A small accident or harsh roadway could cause the vehicle to sag onto the wheel well.

Avoid catastrophes and invest in frame rust repairs ASAP to prevent damage to tires, wheels, and the entire structure of your vehicle.

Faster Wear and Tear On Normal Components

Even if your frame rust repair isn’t compromising the structure of your vehicle yet, it is leading to exposure to damage to other parts of your vehicle. This can be more exposure to rain, snow, salted roads, puddles, and more.

Any part of your vehicle that has been damaged by rust can lead to unexpected repairs and expensive costs. Don’t ever let the safety of your vehicle lapse.

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How Much Frame Rust Repairs Cost

Depending on the size of the rust damage, the year make model of your car or truck, and what other damage has been caused, frame rust repairs can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. In extreme cases, a total frame replacement can be up to $10,000 for most vehicles.

To get an exact quote on frame rust repairs near you, contact Lisbon Auto in Maryland. The earlier you catch the damages, the faster repairs will go and the more affordable they will be. You can help to avoid the unexpected costs of engine damage, electrical damage, and more by staying on top of vehicle maintenance and inspections.

Why Frame Rust Happens

Frame rust is less likely to happen on newer vehicles, but nothing is foolproof against elements and damages. Accidents that scrap the underside of your car can wear away protective coatings. Puddles, rain, snow, salted roads, and more erode away protective elements and slowly lead to rust.

While many drivers chalk paint damage up to aesthetics, this can actually expose your car to elements that will rust it. Always check the frame of your vehicle to ensure it hasn’t been damaged or compromised.

How to Protect Your Vehicle from Rust Damage

To protect your car or truck from frame rust, you want to have an annual inspection done by a trusted auto center. After every accident or off-roading incident, inspect the underside of the car for any damage that could have compromised the protective coating. Periodically check inside your engine bay to see if there are any signs of rust, moisture, salt, or other elements that should be kept out. You want to always see clean elements indicating a safe and secure vehicle.

Get Frame Rust Repairs in Maryland from Lisbon Auto

Frame rust repairs can cost a lot if left unnoticed, but what’s worse is the damage caused by accidents or other incidents. Stay on top of vehicle safety by always shcedulign an annual vehicle inspection and checking your undercarriage for signs of rust.

After salted roads, bad weather, or minor accidents, thoroughly inspect your vehicle and contact a local auto mechanic ASAP if you see anything out of the ordinary.