Fuel System Repair - Lisbon, Maryland

If your vehicles engine does not get the gasoline it needs through the fuel system, it might be time for a fuel system repair. Below are some common full system repairs.

Fuel Filter Replacement

The most simple repair conducted on a fuel system will be replacing the fuel filter. This filter, removes contaminants from the gasoline to ensure that the engine is not subjected to harsh debris or unwanted moisture. Like any filter, the fuel filter can become completely clogged. When this happens, the gasoline will struggle to flow to the engine. The result, the vehicle can begin to idle poorly, run rough, stall out or simply not start. The fuel filter should be replaced according to the manufacturers maintenance schedule.

Fuel Pump Repair

The electric fuel pump is often inside the gas tank in most vehicles. Replacing the fuel pump in your vehicle may become necessary if it’s hard to start, cuts off, or have trouble accelerating. If your vehicle experiences any of these symptoms, come see us right away at Lisbon Auto Repair Center.

Fuel Injection Repair & Service

Fuel injectors provide fuel to each cylinder in your vehicle. Fuel injector systems may periodically need to be cleaned to ensure proper operation. On occasion fuel injection systems may fail or leak, and cause drivability problems.

After several years and many miles of use, the injection system may need to be cleaned to ensure proper operation. However, individual injectors can fail or begin to leak and may require replacement.

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